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11:30 am–10 pm
11:30 am–10 pm
11:30 am–10 pm
11:30 am–10 pm
11:30 am–10 pm
10:30 am–10 pm
10:30 am–10 pm


In the heart of India's bustling capital, amidst the urban landscape of Delhi, lies a haven of excitement and fun – Skyjumper Trampoline Park. This dynamic entertainment venue offers a unique and thrilling experience for individuals of all ages, including jumping fun with an array of exciting activities. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deeper into the world of Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi, exploring its attractions, safety measures and the unique joy it brings to visitors.

Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi Ticket price

30 minuteRs 450Rs 600
60 minuteRs 700Rs 850
1.5 hourRs 950Rs 1100
2 hourRs 1,200Rs 1350

A Trampoline Wonderland

Step into the Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi, and you'll find yourself immersed in a world of limitless energy and infinite possibilities. Spanning a vast space, the park features a variety of interconnected trampolines, foam pits and interactive attractions designed to delight visitors of all ages and skill levels.

Main Trampoline Court

The heart of Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi lies in its main trampoline court, where visitors can experience the thrill of jumping to their heart's content. From simple jumps to flips and tricks, the spacious trampoline surface provides ample room for guests to show off their skills and creativity. Whether you are an experienced jumper or a first-time visitor, the Main Court offers an exciting experience that promises entertainment for everyone.

Dodgeball Arena

For those looking for some friendly competition, the dodgeball field at Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi is the place to be. Teams can jump and dodge their way to victory in fast-paced matches amid the excitement of the trampoline environment. With soft foam balls and a springy playing surface, the arena adds an extra dimension of entertainment to the classic game of dodgeball.

Foam Pit

Take a leap of faith into the foam pit and experience the thrill of flying through the air before landing in a soft sea of foam cubes. Skyjumper Trampoline Park's foam pit provides a safe and exciting way to practice aerial maneuvers and perfect your jumps without fear of injury. Whether you're attempting your first flip or refining your technique, the Foam Pit offers a cushioned landing that encourages guests to push their limits and test their limits.

Ninja Course

Go on an adrenaline-fueled adventure through the Ninja Course, where agility and strength are tested. Navigate a series of obstacles including balance beams, rope swings and cargo nets as you race against time to complete the course. With its challenging layout and interactive elements, the Ninja course offers an exciting experience that promises to keep visitors coming back for more.

Safety First

Safety is paramount at Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi. The park is equipped with state-of-the-art security features and follows strict guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Trained staff

The park's team of trained staff members is ready to provide assistance and supervision during your visit. From ensuring that trampoline rules are followed to providing guidance on proper jumping technique, the staff is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for guests.

Safety Briefing

Before entering the trampoline area, all guests are required to attend a comprehensive safety briefing. During this briefing, staff members outline the park's rules and guidelines, including proper jumping technique, designated areas for specific activities, and safety precautions to reduce the risk of injury.

Equipment Maintenance

Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi places a high priority on equipment maintenance and inspection. All trampolines, foam pits and other attractions are regularly inspected to ensure that they are in optimum condition and free from any defects or hazards.

First aid facilities

In the event of injury or medical emergency, the Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi is equipped with first aid facilities and trained staff members who can provide immediate aid and medical care as needed.

Skyjumper Experience

Apart from its thrilling attractions and commitment to safety, what really sets Skyjumper Trampoline Park apart is the unforgettable experience it provides to visitors. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a corporate event, or simply looking for a fun day with friends and family, Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi provides the perfect setting to create lasting memories and unforgettable moments of laughter and joy.


Soar to new heights at Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi offers an exciting escape from the ordinary, where guests can unleash their inner child and experience the joy of bouncing to their heart's content. With its dynamic attractions, commitment to safety and dedication to providing a unique experience, Skyjumper Trampoline Park stands as a premier destination for entertainment and adventure in the heart of India's capital. So why wait? Jump and amp up your fun at Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi today!


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Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi – timing, ticket price, address, contact number 0 reviews

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