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10 am–6 pm
10 am–6 pm
10 am–6 pm
10 am–6 pm
10 am–6 pm
10 am–6 pm


Are you a boat owner in Bengaluru and looking for an Authorized Boat service center Bangalore to keep your vessel in good condition? Whether you have a motorboat, sailboat, yacht, or any other type of watercraft, it is important to find a reputable Boat service center in Bangalore for proper maintenance and repairs. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about boat service centers in Bangalore, including what services they provide, how to choose the right service, and some of the top options available.

(1) Boat service center Bangalore

Address of Boat Service Center Jaipur :Saachi Services, NO 1287,1ST FLR,25 TH MAIN ROAD,9TH BLOCK, JAYANAGAR, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA 560069 560069
City :Bangalore
State :Karnataka
Phone :7676228610
Website :
Products Serviced:Ear Phone, Speakers, and accessories
Working Hours :Monday to Saturday: 10 am–6 pm, Sunday Holiday
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(2) Boat Service Center Bangalore

Address of Boat Service Center Jaipur :BT-PVS INFOTECH SERVICES, 91/4. 5th cross right side, MNSQUARE Building, Magadi Main road(Landmark- opposite to Anjan cinemas, metro pillar no - 222) 560023
Area Name :Magadi Main road
City :Bangalore
State :Karnataka
Phone :8762683898/8023309989
Website :
Products Serviced :Ear Phone, Speakers, and accessories
Working Hours :Monday to Saturday 10 am–6 pm, Sunday Holiday
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Importance of Regular Boat Maintenance

Before considering where to find a boat service center in Bengaluru, let us highlight why regular maintenance is necessary for your boat:

  • Safety: Proper maintenance ensures that your boat runs safely on the water, reducing the risk of breakdowns or accidents.
  • Performance: Regular servicing keeps your boat's engine and other systems running efficiently, improving performance and fuel economy.
  • Longevity: By addressing problems early through regular maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your boat and its components.
  • Resale value: A well-maintained boat holds a higher resale value than a neglected boat.

Services offered by boat service centers

Boat service centers in Bangalore generally offer a range of services to meet different needs:

  • Routine maintenance: This includes engine servicing, oil changes, filter replacement, and general inspection.
  • Repairs: From electrical and mechanical repairs to hull repairs and cosmetic improvements, service centers handle a variety of repair tasks.
  • Installation: If you need to install new equipment such as a navigation system, radio, or fishing gear, service centers can assist.
  • Winterization and Storage: Some centers offer winterization services to protect your boat during the off-season, along with storage options.
  • Customization: Whether it's adding new features or upgrading existing features, boat service centers can customize your boat to suit your preferences.

How to Choose the Right Boat Service Center

When selecting a boat service center in Bangalore, consider the following factors:

  • Reputation: Look for centers with positive reviews and a good reputation for quality workmanship.
  • Experience: Choose a facility with experienced technicians who specialize in marine repairs.
  • Facilities and Equipment: A well-equipped service center can handle a wide range of services effectively.
  • Customer Service: Friendly and responsive customer service is essential for a seamless experience.
  • Cost: While price should not be the only factor, make sure the service center offers competitive pricing for the quality of work provided.

Tips for Boat Owners

Finally, here are some tips for boat owners in Bangalore:

  • Follow Maintenance Schedules: Follow manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules to keep your boat in top condition.
  • Inspect regularly: Perform regular inspections yourself to catch any problems early.
  • Educate yourself: Learn basic maintenance tasks to handle minor repairs and maintenance.
  • Keep Records: Maintain detailed records of servicing and repairs for future reference and resale.


Owning a boat in Bangalore is a rewarding experience, but it also brings responsibilities. By choosing the right boat service center and making regular maintenance a priority, you can ensure that your boat remains seaworthy and enjoyable for years to come. Use this guide as a resource to navigate the boat service landscape in Bangalore and make informed decisions about the maintenance of your beloved vessel. Happy boating!

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  • Routine maintenance
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  • Installation
  • Customization

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